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Este Sitio Web está siendo rediseñado.


Tutoriales de técnica para guitarra clásica mediante el uso de tecnología de vanguardia.


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obras ya existentes.

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Reviews - Humberto Bruni

José Antonio Abreu
Nobel Prize Nominated



"I recommend Humberto Bruni for his fruitfully pedagogical, social and artistic career, as well as for his brilliant projection as one of the most active and outstanding Latin American personalities of the musical world."


Antonio Lauro
Compositor y
Caracas, Venezuela


“ Humberto Bruni is really a fine guitarist, a dignitary exponent of the Venezuelan guitar tradition, which is one of the most important around the world.

I encourage him to continue the career where he has been a real asset.”


Worcester Telegram
Massachusetts, USA


“Humberto Bruni is a guitarist technically very capable, handling his instrument with considerable precision, picking out multiple melodic lines with facility and remarkable clarity...

A splendid encore served in a short space of time to display Bruni´s virtuosity at its best.”


Las Provincias
Valencia, Spain


“Humberto Bruni, a venezuelan guitarist with a brilliant career, displayed a remarkable technique and musicianship.”


Harry Levenson
Central Massachusetts
Symphony Orchestra



“Humberto Bruni has demonstrated technical proficiency and musical artistry in abundance, and he is well on an outstanding career as a concert artist.”

Robert Paul Sullivan
New England Conservatory
of Music
Boston, USA



“Humberto Bruni has the technique, musicianship and sensitivity that distinguish him as a great artist.”

Neil Anderson
Boston Conservatory
Boston, USA


“Humberto Bruni is an extremely gifted guitarist. He is a sensitive musician with exceptional teaching insights.”



The Daily Journal
Caracas, Venezuela


“Bruni displayed a flawless technique and a remarkable sensibility in his interpretation that distinguish him as a great guitarist.”