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Este Sitio Web está siendo rediseñado.


Tutoriales de técnica para guitarra clásica mediante el uso de tecnología de vanguardia.


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The Commented Work

Seis por Derecho by Maestro Antonio Lauro

"Seis por Derecho" is based on a folkloric style called "Joropo" which is commonly found in some regions of Venezuela.

Usually, the "Seis por Derecho" is played with an harp typical of those regions: "Arpa Llanera".

Antonio Lauro invented (or discovered) several guitar techniques that resembles the sound of that harp. (The Arpa Llanera)


"Seis por Derecho" by Antonio Lauro. Humberto Bruni, guitar.

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"Natalia" Venezuelan Waltz written by Antonio Lauro. Humberto Bruni, Guitar.



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Sonatina - 3rd Movement: Allegro
by Federico Moreno Torroba

Moreno Torroba was born in Madrid, Spain, descending from a family of musicians. His guitar work is one of the most important ever composed for this instrument. It is notorious that his guitar musical work was greatly influenced by the character and spirit found in his Zarzuelas..

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Recuerdos de la Alhambra
by Francisco Tárrega

Francisco Tárrega Eixea was born in Villareal, on the 21st of November 1852. This work primordially exhibits the "trémolo" technique, which consists in plucking the same string of the guitar by the ring, middle and the index fingers of the right hand.

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El Marabino
by Antonio Lauro

This work by Antonio Lauro is posted due to many requests from users of this Site in several countries.

Antonio Lauro was born in Venezuela in 1917. His waltzes for guitar are widely known all around the world.

Almost all world class guitarists play the music of Antonio Lauro.

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