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Héctor Ayala (Argentina, 1914-1987)

Héctor Ayala was born in Concordia (Entre Rios) in 1914.

His musical career was principally as an accompanist to tango singers in Argentina.

The singer of tango is usually accompanied by a guitar quartet. Héctor Ayala played with Roberto Grela´s guitar quartet, a very famous quartet in Argentina.

Héctor Ayala had a deep knowledge of many traditional and emblematic forms of music in Latin America. In 1962 Ayala composed “Serie Americana” (American Series) which is a collection of seven pieces for guitar.

It is really amazing the remarkable ability of Héctor Ayala to compose different musical characteristic pieces from several countries in South America which every one has a unique style.

The seven pieces of the “Serie Americana” are:

1 - Prelude
2 - Chôro (Brazil)
3 - Takirari (Bolivia)
4 - Guarania (Paraguay)
5 - Tonada (Chile)
6 - Waltz (Perú)
7 - Gato y Malambo (Argentina)

The origins of the word “Chôro” are not precise. It is believed that it derives from the Portuguese word “Chôro” that means to cry. Maybe this explains the nostalgic character always found in the Brazilian Chôro.

The Brazilian Chôro is well known around the world because of the musical work by the Brazilian composer Heitor Villalobos who wrote a number of "quite erudite” Chôros.

The Chôro is principally an instrumental piece and due to its harmonic and rhythmic patterns it is usually associated with all the instrumental Brazilian music.

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