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Humberto Bruni (Venezuela, 1957)

María Andreína in E Major is a Berceuse.

I wrote "María Andreína" for my dearly loved and beautiful niece when she was a little child. Her name is María Andreína Bruni Puigbó and she is the daughter of my older brother Francisco.

María Andreína Bruni has a remarkable musical talent and she is a very sensitive young girl.

Berceuse is a French word that means lullaby.

The term Berceuse refers to instrumental and also to orchestral works written in tempo moderato with an accompaniment reminiscent of the rocking of a cradle.

Many composers have written Berceuse at different periods in music history. Frederick Chopin and Johannes Brahms are authors, among others, who have written very famous Berceuse.

Having a very peaceful character and well-defined simple melodies, the Berceuse always expresses a very sweet feeling.

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