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Federico Moreno Torroba (Spain, 1891-1982)

This piece is “La Seguidilla” which is the fifth and last movement from the Suite for Guitar “Aires de la Mancha”

Moreno Torroba was born in Madrid, Spain, descending from a family of musicians.

He took his first lessons of music from his own father, Don José Moreno Ballesteros, who was the organist at the Concepción Church in Madrid.

From the beginning, his musical work was oriented toward the composition of “Zarzuelas”. The Zarzuela is a Spanish kind of Opera, distinguished from the ordinary Opera in that the music is intermingled with spoken dialogue, as in comic Opera. Its name comes from the Palace of “La Zarzuela”, a royal country seat near Madrid, comparable to Versailles.

Moreno Torroba distinguished himself by his particular spanish nationalism found in his Zarzuelas, as well as the remarkable prolific production. He composed near fifty Zarzuelas.

His guitar work is one of the most important ever composed for this instrument. It is noticeable that his guitar musical work was greatly influenced by the spanish spirit found in his Zarzuelas.

Aires de la Mancha is just a simple example of the remarkable composing style developed by Moreno Torroba with a unique formal elegance but at the same time using a straight musical language which has a great amount of genuine expressive spanish elements.

The movements of the Suite “Aires de la Mancha” are:

1 – Jeringonza – Allegro non molto
2 – Ya llega el invierno – Andante
3 – Coplilla – Allegro moderato
4 – La Pastora – Andante
5 – La Seguidilla – Allegretto vivace

“Aires de la Mancha” is a work that must be included in the concert repertoire of any serious world class guitarist.

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