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Fernando Sor (Spain, 1778-1839)

Estudio (study) Number 3 in A Major (Allegretto).

Fernando Sor was born in Barcelona. He was a son of a catalan merchant.

Sor is considered one of the greatest composers in classical guitar history.

The music of Sor belongs to the classical music period, which spans from the second half of the eighteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth.

The musical work by Sor included a great assortment of musical types of compositions, as well some ballets and operas.

In addition to many guitar works with a significant degree of technical difficulties for one and two guitars, Sor composed a considerable number of studies for guitar.

The “study” is a kind of musical composition focusing on a specific aspect of the instrument´s technique. On the contrary to a simple exercise, the study has a perfect developed musical style, which many composers have made from the study a type of musical composition having a remarkable musical value.

The Study Number 3 by Fernando Sor, in A Major, in Allegretto tempo and jocose character consists of a clear and well-defined melody accompanied by third interval chords.

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